F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
We try to list all commen questions here as "Frequently Asked Questions" and if you can not find the answer here, please contact us.

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Acronyms: Please check our Telecommunications Acronyms list

  • How do I transfer a call?
  • How do I pick up a call from a non-ringing phone?
  • How can I answer another call when I am already on a call?
  • How do I call out on a specific line? i.e. I want to use Line-2 to make a call
  • How do I redirect a line? i.e. I want to leave the office and redirect to my mobile
  • How do I un-direct a line? i.e. I'm back and want the line un-directed
  • How do I take a 2nd call when I am already on a call?

    IKE Systems:
  • How do I turn off the messages?
  • Why does the line drop-out when transferring a call?
  • Why is the line dropped if the call is on-hold for over a minute?

    Uniphone Systems:
  • Can I connect music on hold to my Uniphone system?
  • How do I turn background music on/off?
  • How do I connect a Cordless Phone to my Uniphone system?
  • How do I transfer calls from my cordless phone?
  • Can my Uniphone system have caller ID?
  • How do I program 1 touch buttons on my Uniphone?
  • Can I connect VoIP to my Uniphone system?
  • All my phones have gone dead, what do I do?

    GSM Gateways:
  • How do I adjust the volume on the S190 Gateway?


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